When a garden is allowed to be art

“Opus Tuinkunst” was born out of a passion to combine art and gardening into one unity. In 1997 we started a first realization and today “Opus Tuinkunst” is a company that takes care of designing and realizing contemporary and modern gardens.  

In every commission we seek an intrinsic relation between the architecture and the garden. We aim for a well-balanced composition where the architectural lines of the building are being respected in outside reality. All of the present elements are tuned to each other in order to create a peace and harmony. 

Composition, color, ratio and scale are important when designing a garden. The essence of this exercise is simplicity. Purifying in order to come to essence is one of the most attractive tasks of a garden designer. Essence which has to be present as well in form as in content.

Design : P. Vandenbussche - K. Lievens