The designing of a garden

The exploratory talk : in consultation with the costumer, a list of demands is been put together to define to which needs the garden has to answer to. This list has been put together by us through the years and pinpoints most of the demands brought up by our customers. This way the base for a total concept is set out.

The draft of the plan : based on the demand list we create a artistic plan that is used in the first communication with the customer. In close contact with the customers, the design is fine tuned and in this way the final plan is reached.

Laying out the garden

The tender : with a tender we offer a list of plants and a paving map where in accordance with the budget various propositions are made. We always offer the possibility to realize the garden in phases in order to respect momentaneous financial possibilities. 

Realization : the garden is realized in accordance with the tender. For our do it yourself clients, we offer backup and advice.We work conform strict norms of quality en our suppliers procure us with high-quality goods. However you will see that this excellent service is reasonably priced.